Mile 1: Levi

“Children’s of Alabama and Magic Moments mean everything to our family.  When we received the news of Levi’s diagnosis we were devastated but the staff at COA showed us so much love and gave us hope.  They were truly amazing and treated Levi like their own. The support of donors means so much to Levi and all of these children.  You are helping to make an otherwise unobtainable dream of going to Disney World possible for our little boy.  This is the light at the end of a year-long battle going through chemotherapy and hospital stays. For him to be able to play and be a 4-year-old little boy again is a dream come true!” said Levi’s mom and dad.

Mile 2: Trevor

Trevor’s mom and dad said “Magic Moments and The Alabama Center for Childhood Cancers and Blood Disorders at Children’s of Alabama have been truly instrumental in our son’s treatment, recovery, and life after cancer. We are so blessed to have our son and the strong community involvement. Thanks so much to all of the participants for helping us raise awareness and finding a cure for all cancers. You all are the reason that our son beat cancer and is thriving today. The trip to Disney helped Trevor take his mind off of cancer and be a happy boy.”

Mile 3: Reagan

Reagan’s parents said, “Magic Moments was the organization that allowed us to let Reagan really be a kid at the most fun place possible (Disney World) after a 280 day battle with cancer at Children’s of Alabama. Children’s of Alabama was the place with compassionate, caring, and knowledgeable doctors and nurses who did everything possible to save Reagan’s life. Words can’t adequately describe how we feel about them. Please support Magic Moments and The Alabama Center for Childhood Cancers and Blood Disorders at Children’s of Alabama by being a part of BHM 26.2!”

Mile 4: Jesse

“When our son was diagnosed with cancer, our family’s whole world changed. Soccer stopped. Outings together stopped or became rare. Children’s of Alabama and Magic Moments helped to bring joy into a dark, scary time in our lives. Our family will be forever grateful! Support from our community and these organizations makes patients and families feel like we are not fighting alone. This time can feel so isolating, but we have found a family through the adversity!” said Jesse’s mom.

Mile 5: Grace

Grace’s mom said, “After a grueling year that included three surgeries, chemo treatments, 43 nights in Children’s of Alabama, and countless hours in clinic, our Magic Moments trip to Disney World was the treat my family needed! It was a truly magical experience that we will always remember and cherish. And we are so grateful for all Children’s has done and continues to do for our family!”

Mile 6: Sam

Sam’s mom said “No parent wants to hear the words, ‘your child has cancer,’ but Magic Moments and Children’s of Alabama are a light in a very dark and terrifying place. Community support has played an extraordinary role in Sam’s illness and recovery. This now includes those participating in the 2018 BHM 26.2 benefiting Magic Moments and Children’s of Alabama. We believe having this support has played and continues to play a critical part in Sam’s recovery and we have extreme gratitude toward those willing to help.

Mile 7: Sadie

“Magic Moments and Children’s of Alabama are wonderful organizations and I hope they are able to help lots of other sick kids like me!” Sadie said.

Mile 8: Kyan

“We are excited to be part of BHM 26.2. It goes right along with our family motto for Kyan! ‘Strong Faith Strong Finish.’ We have so much faith to finish strong!” said Kyan’s mom.

Mile 9: Phillip

Phillip’s mom said, “In a dark time that no parent would want to go through, Magic Moments lifted our entire family up and provided joyful memories free from the anxiety of our son’s incurable condition and search for treatments. Children’s of Alabama Center for Childhood Cancers and Blood Disorders guided us with encouragement and medical expertise throughout our son’s earliest stages of treatment. Together, Magic Moments and Children’s of Alabama Center for Childhood Cancers and Blood Disorders continue to offer us hope and encouragement that has no end, connecting us to a community of Alabama families that share common experiences of fighting life threatening and chronic conditions.”

Mile 10: Meredith

Meredith’s mom said, “Children’s of Alabama will always hold a special place in my heart. Every single person working with my child during her cancer journey treated our family with love and respect. I will forever be grateful to the brilliant medical staff for the treatment and individualized attention we received for our daughter’s life. It’s something that words cannot really express. Magic Moments as well treated our family with love and kindness. Magic Moments made my daughter’s dream come true with a trip to New York City and provided a family memory that we will treasure forever! They went above and beyond ensuring that our family felt loved and special with every single detail!  I cannot say enough good things about the Magic Moments organization! There are just not enough words!  Whatever you are contributing, whether great or small, please know that you are giving a family HOPE & JOY! The families of Magic Moments have faced what no parent ever dreams of facing & has to endure things that are too heart wrenching for words. THANK YOU for helping these families through the darkest moments of their lives.”

Mile 11: Emily

Emily’s dad said, “Emily has been through so much, but through it all, she is the one who remained the strong one! Her mom and I were the ones who did most of the crying. Thank you to everyone who took such great care of her and for giving her the trip of a lifetime.” Help Magic Moments and The Alabama Center for Childhood Cancer and Blood Disorders at Children’s of Alabama serve more children like Emily by signing up to run BHM 26.2!

Mile 12: Maisie

Not only is Maisie Anne representing a mile on the course, SHE’S RUNNING THE HALF MARATHON! Maisie Anne’s mom said, “we will be forever grateful for the innovative, specialized, loving care Maisie Anne received from the Center for Childhood Cancer and Blood Disorders at Children’s of Alabama. After a long treatment and recovery process Maisie Anne was granted her wish of meeting the princesses at Disney World by Magic Moments. This trip was a time of celebration for Maisie Anne’s return to health and an opportunity for us to just laugh and have fun together after a long period of roller coaster emotions and events. We are so grateful!”

Mile 13: Mollie

“The first thing that pops into my head when I think of Magic Moments is smiles. Everytime we got a visit from a Magic Moments staff members, they always came in with a smile and no matter what kind of day I was having, when they left, I had a smile. The Magic Moments staff in Birmingham is my family!” said Mollie.

Mile 14: Ally

Ally’s mom said, “everything Children’s and Magic Moments have done for us is beyond incredible. We love you and thank you for taking care of my girl and bringing a smile to her face.”

Mile 15: Andrew

Andrew’s mom said “Children’s of Alabama helped bring my lovely, active, sports-loving son back to me. They saved his life! Magic Moments gave us the chance to make memories that will last a lifetime. The support of donors, runners, and the Magic Moments organization means the most to the family of a sick child because it allowed us to escape from thinking about Andrew’s diagnosis and focus on him and making him and the family have a wonderful trip!”

Mile 16: Ceanna

Ceanna’s mom said “Magic Moments and Children’s of Alabama truly mean a lot to me and my family. They work so hard to try and make life easier for our babies! To all the donors and runners, by participating in BHM 26.2 you give a gift of hope, a gift of life. Thank you all so much!”

Mile 17: Callie

Callie’s mom said, “Children’s of Alabama and Magic Moments allow us to realize we are not alone on this journey. Thank you for running to bring awareness to childhood cancers and blood disorders.” Sign up to run for children like Callie at

Mile 18: Will

“Magic Moments and Children’s of Alabama are two very special groups. Both give families and/or children support and love when they need it the most! Thank you ALL so much for your dedication and support for such a wonderful cause. People like you who contribute to MM and Children’s give families a sense of hope and love! Thank you!” said Will’s mom.

Mile 19: Kyra

Mile 20: Corinthian

Photo coming soon

“Thank you Magic Moments and Children’s of Alabama for all of the love and support during this battle. We can truly say that Corinthian has made it through it all — no more chemo, no more weight loss, and most importantly, he is back to himself and playing his favorite sports. Thank you to everyone for taking such great care of our son and for giving him a dream he will never forget!” said Corinthian’s mom.

Mile 21: Maddie

“I just want to say a huge thank you to Magic Moments and Children’s of Alabama for everything you’ve done during our daughter’s fight against cancer. The food, cards, special messages were wonderful, but the trip was over the top. Maddie was treated like the princess she is and had a wonderful time. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for making her dreams come true,” said Maddie’s mom.

Mile 22: TJ

“Magic Moments provided a dream for our child that will have lasting memories for the rest of our lives. Without the support from donors, the children with serious illnesses would not have the opportunity to achieve a special magic moment.  It was a great experience for our entire family,” said TJ’s mom.

Mile 23: Emme

Emme’s mom said “When you have a child, who is critically ill your family unit can struggle with not enough quality time. Magic Moments gave us, as a family, a time to reconnect and bond.  To walk away from Emme’s diagnosis and have the time of our lives! Children’s of Alabama is a special place.  Until you are a patient or a family of a patient you really don’t know or understand how every person in this hospital goes above and beyond.  The hospital has truly created a unique culture with the employees and staff.  I just was saying to an employee of COA, “It’s a shame all hospitals do not share the same compassion and care that COA does for patients”.  Without this amazing facility we would not have a healthy, happy, active 10-year-old daughter! When Emme received her Magic Moment all she could do was cry and say repeatedly, “We are going to Disney World”.  Without Magic Moments and donor support that trip would have taken years for our family to accomplish. Instead she had the trip of a lifetime where she was truly a princess for the week.  We are forever grateful!”

Mile 24: JuJu

“JuJu has faced so much at a young age. Not only did she lose both of her parents, but she was diagnosed with cancer when she was only six. Thankfully, Magic Moments and Children’s of Alabama jumped in and made sure our granddaughter was going to be okay. They turned a scary time into a time of great care and helped her make memories she will always treasure,” said JuJu’s grandmother.

Mile 25: Sean

“Magic Moments and Children’s of Alabama mean the world to our family.  We have been blessed with great care and love by everyone we have encountered.  Our whole family appreciated our amazing trip to Disney.  It was a very dark time in or lives, and MM allowed us to actually have a fun time during a period of extreme stress and sadness,” said Sean’s mom.

Mile 26: Raylee

“I want you to know that I love and truly appreciate all you do at the Magic Moments and Children’s of Alabama! Because of you and the wonderful, caring, and gracious people who donate I have been blessed to have some of the greatest adventures of my life. Thank you for the loves, prayers, and support!” said Raylee’s grandfather.