Team Relay

Relay teams will run the full course divided into 5 legs.3.1, 5,5,5, and 8.1 There is a six-hour time limit for the Team Relay. Leg 1 begins at 7am.

Packet Pickup – Only one representative for each team needs to attend the Expo and pick up the team’s packet. Each team will receive one chipped bib on a belt to pass between relay runners and each individual runner will receive a bib to keep.

Bus transportation for relay stations will be provided by BHM 26.2

1Rail Road ParkGreen Springs Village Apartments3.1 miles
2Green Springs Village ApartmentsHomewood Park5 miles
3Homewood Park2200 Lakeshore Drive5 miles
42200 Lakeshore DriveChick-Fil-A 5pts5 miles
5Chick-Fil-A 5ptsRailroad Park8 miles


To avoid long wait times at your relay station we suggest you estimate your team mates running times to find out when your leg of the relay will start!

For those of you who do choose to wait at the relay stations we will have Red Diamond there providing coffee!



BHM262 Marathon Relay Bus Schedule
Relay Station 1 (Green Springs HWY)Relay Station 4 (ChickFila Highland Ave)
Location DepartureTimeLocation DepartureTime
Railroad Park630amRailroad Park830am
 Railroad Park7amRailroad Park900am
Location DepartureTimeRailroad Park930AM
 Relay Station730amRailroad Park1000am
Relay Station805amRailroad Park1030am
Railroad Park11am
Relay Station 2 (Homewood Central Park)Location DepartureTime
Location DepartureTimeChickFila Highland Ave845am
Railroad Park7amChickFila Highland Ave915am
Railroad Park740amChickFila Highland Ave945am
Location DepartureTimeChickFila Highland Ave1015am
Homewood Park815amChickFila Highland Ave1045am
Homewood Park915amChickFila Highland Ave1115am
Relay Station 3 (Shades Creek Greenway)
Location DepartureTime
Railroad Park745am
Railroad Park845am
Location DepartureTime
Shades Creek Greenway815am
Shades Creek Greenway910am
Shades Creek Greenway1005AM

Check our FAQs page for more information.